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Music lessons for all ages in the heart of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, founded by Andrew Martin. 



Whether you’re looking to unlock the therapeutic power of music, explore a new creative outlet, or launch your music career, the Martin Melody School will equip you with the knowledge and self confidence needed to expand your skill set. Our highly experienced teachers can help you:

♢ Learn guitar, drums, keyboard or bass

♢ Play your favorite songs

♢ Discover your own unique style

♢ Write expressive melodies

♢ Train for performances

♢ Combat stage fright

♢ Engage an audience

♢ Manage a band

♢ Book your own national tour

Our lesson plans are based on YOU. Your wants, needs, ideas, and goals craft your musical journey. We are here to curate your experience. We believe everyone has talents, and our job is to help you discover your passion and enrich your life.

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